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Francisco Perito Moreno 252
Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina
Tel: +54 294 4426146


Tel: +54 294 4426146
Whatsapp: +54 929 44694929




Hotel Nahuel Huapi


To guarantee a comfortable stay for all our guests, we inform you of the Internal Regulations of our Hotel.

1. Check-In and Check-Out:
Check-In time is from 3:00 p.m. Guests arriving before this time can leave their luggage at Reception and use the Hotel facilities while they wait.
Check-Out must be done before 12:00 on the day of departure. An extension of check-out may be requested, subject to availability and with an additional charge.

2. Conduct and Behavior:All Guests are expected to maintain respectful behavior towards hotel staff and other guests.
The consumption of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited in the Hotel facilities.
Parties are not allowed in the rooms. Any excessive noise that disturbs other guests will be grounds for eviction without refund.

3. Protection and security:
Guests are recommended to use the safe deposit boxes available in the rooms to store valuable items (jewelry, money, etc.). The Hotel is not responsible for the loss or misplacement of these or valuable personal items.
Guests must respect the Hotel's safety regulations, including emergency exits and the proper use of fire extinguishers.

4. No Smoking Policy:
Smoking is prohibited in all interior areas of the hotel, including rooms and common spaces.

5. Use of Facilities and Equipment:
Guests have free access to the Hotel facilities, including the living rooms, rest spaces and lobby during their stay.

6. Pets Policy:
Pets are not allowed in the Hotel facilities, unless they are guide dogs for people with disabilities.

7. Parking Use:
The use of parking is provided for all Guests at no additional cost, from the moment of arrival at the Hotel, verifying its availability at the time of Check-In. It is at the Guest's discretion to place or remove their vehicle from the parking lot. The Hotel does not have a handler.

The Guest is not allowed to park their vehicle in front of the hotel, since these spaces are only used for loading and unloading, as indicated by the existing signage. The Hotel is not responsible for any possible disruptions that the guest may have as a result of their vehicle remaining in a place for an excessive amount of time, since there is Municipal supervision that fines and may even tow the vehicle.

8. Food Policy:
It is prohibited to consume food inside the rooms. The Hotel has designated areas such as the restaurant to enjoy food and drinks.

9. Use of Washing and Ironing Equipment:
Washing or ironing clothes is not allowed inside the rooms. Guests who wish to send clothes to the laundry must detail it in the corresponding form provided by our establishment and contact the floor maid to coordinate the service.

10. Care of Bedding and Fabric Goods:
In the event that bedding, such as sheets, towels, quilts, curtains, etc., are stained with dye, food remains or other elements that cannot be removed by standard washing, an additional charge will be applied. laundry or replacement of the item, depending on the damage caused.

11. Privacy Policy:
The Hotel respects the privacy of its guests and is committed to protecting the confidentiality of their personal information in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

12. Complaints and suggestions:
The Hotel has a complaints and suggestions system available to guests to improve the quality of service. Complaints will be treated confidentially and corrective measures will be taken when necessary, thanking you for your valuable contribution to improve our service.


13. Compliance with Regulations:
Repeated non-compliance with these internal regulations may result in expulsion from the Hotel without the right to a refund.

14. Modifications to the Regulations:
The Hotel reserves the right to make modifications to these internal regulations at any time, which will come into effect immediately once announced.      


┬íThank You Very Much!      
Hotel Nahuel Huapi 


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